About Us

Beacomm provides dedicated solutions in the realm of High Power Amplifiers modules and systmes to the defense, public safety, aerospace, scientific and telecommunications communities.

Enbedded Beacomm Power Amplifiers are combat-proven – operating in the most volatile conflict zones of the twenty-first century. Thus, by definition, they have been designed, developed and manufactured to address the most demanding RF challenges in regard to, size, linearity, power, current consumption, and different modulation types. They are absolutely reliable.

Beacomm provides the broadest coverage along with cost-effective concept-to-product customization capabilities to rapidly meet our customers’ concerns. Beacomm delivers wide band or band-specific HPA, implementing multi-carrier technology (LPA) supplying the broadest range of end products – from standalone HPA components to entire RF combining systems.

Headquartered in Edison, NJ, the company utilizes its global network of resources to effectively serve customer requirements. Our customer base includes leading defense, public safety and commercial companies worldwide.

Everyone’s story

We’re all familiar the challenge to engaged a wide range of programs throughout tight

schedule and deadlines.

In one hand development process  and integration seems the most challenging mile stones for the ENG’s  to qualify the system functionality in the field.

In the other hand challenging end use requirements and commitments make the job done more hard to accomplish

Our Story

BEACOMM main believe is all about teamwork and Synergy . Personal interaction and mutual trust form the basis is the key point for achieving  the mutual goals of our customers.

BEACOMM engineers’ approach to understand customer system level design, therefor can design and offer innovate solution to optimize the system performance.

Our team experts at CLASS AB High Power Amplifiers, filters and power supply design. Integrating multiple modules in a RACK or Cabinet reduces the risk as well optimize system architecture.


To be most trusted  and innovative source for systems and modules for communication.

Our Manifesto

  1. Be excellence in everything we do that will become a model for others.
  2. Think outside the box
  3. Creative and innovative design
  4. Customer Focused: Be Pro-Active in Service to ensure customer satisfaction and Excellence
  5. Teamwork and Synergy – Diversity + Creativity + Focus = Team Synergy
  6. Honesty and Ethics: Honesty, respect and integrity are the key principles that guide us.
  7. Determine how we connect with our communities
  8. Leadership: take personal responsibility for making our company successful.